Addiction takes many forms; behaviors such as gambling, co-addiction – (being in a family or in relationship with an addict), consumerism (“retail therapy”), or sex. There are also addictions to substances; drugs, alcohol, food (too much or too little and sugar in particular), tobacco and so on. They can manifest one at a time but more conventionally they team up and bring a person down in combination; with many sources of pain and suffering. Yoga can help one delve into that pain and suffering and help one emerge re-integrated with amazing tools to prevent relapse. A mindful, intentional themed yoga practice can help the student use what they learn about themselves on the mat to inform and improve their daily life. This course will guide you in many ways to bring your yoga to people who are suffering from any addiction. S.O.A.R.™ training teaches how to combine the recovery concepts in the physical yoga practice, helps one to discover and reinforce the union of these two philosophies so that the yoga class experience becomes richer and more supportive of a recovery path. In addition the training guides the teacher in the journey of practicing self-care in order that s/he remain integrated with core values while providing this valuable service to others.

S.O.A.R.™ Courses